Our Vision, Mission & Values

It all started as a personal caring effort to provide the best ingredients of Zaatar to the founder’s family, followed with a passion to spread the mix with all kindness and caring to the larger family, the community and to the world at large.
A small dream, turned to be a massive effort to share a taste made with top quality ingredients, if you care for you family, then you will love our Thyme mix’s and be assured it is made best ingredients and lots of passion and love.

Our Vision

Be the leading brand, bringing our costumers wholesome levant food for better living.

Our Mission

a�? We are wholesome, truly committed to earth’s natural ingredients in our entire value & supply chain.
a�? we are creative & visually engaging, drawing on our tradition in our recipes, packaging, and presentation.
a�? we will be socially responsible and act the change that we want to see throughout the world.
a�? we will be dedicated to providing our customers a delightful food experience wrapped up with love.

Our Values

a�? Transparency
a�? Integrity
a�? Healthiness
a�? Wholesomeness