Thyme Open-Concept Workshop

open-themeOur open-concept workshop allows us to act our values of transparency, integrity, healthiness and wholesomeness. Our customers can always look into our a�?transparenta�? workshop and see how we make the worlda��s best in class zaatar using only natural ingredients and original recipes.

Why open-concept workshop?
Many types of zaatar (thyme) available to consumers on the markets today have nothing to do with real traditional zaatar. Often time, producers would use cheap ingredients and cover those up with unnatural spices and unhealthy colouring material. The resulting product would look like zaatar but it has truly nothing to do with real zaatar as natural as it is, and as intended by our great grandmothers. Such products will only offer you the illusion of zaatar, but not the health benefits nor the true taste and satisfaction.

Cheap zaatar types are often times produced by anonymous producers working out of shady places unknown to consumers where quality of ingredients and hygiene are neglected. This applies to zaatar may be more than many other food products due to the fact that zaatar (thyme) has such a strong taste and aroma that would easily cover up any a�?suspiciousa�? material that someone may put into it.

At thyme & more, we are proud of our zaatar and how we make it for you using only healthy and wholesome ingredients. Thyme & more open-concept workshop allows us to show you just how much we care.


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