About Zait & Zaatar

Zaatar is simply the most natural taste and herb you can ever taste. Since 300 years and till today Zataar stays tasteful and used in many ways.

For Arabs the word Zaatar is the name used for both the Herb & the Spice as for Americans Zaatar is the name used for the Spice and Thyme is the name used for the Herb.

What is Zaatar? What is it made of?

Zaatar is usually made of dried thyme herb + dried Sumac mixed with sesame seeds, often salt and some other spices according to preference.

A Bit of Historya��.

Zaatar is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herb. It was known to the ancient Egyptians as Saem was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, also known as the Royal perfume used by the Parthian Kings in the first century CE.

Zaatar w Zait

Zaatar is commonly eaten with bread dipped in olive oil and then Zaatar. When the dried herb is moistened with olive oil, the spread is known as zaatar-w-zait meaning “oil” in Arabic and “olive” in Hebrew). The mixture spread on a dough base and baked as a bread, produces Manakeesh bi Zaatar most common in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, and today ita��s getting famous in other parts of the world.

Well-Known Advantages of Zaatar

  • An exquisite natural fresh product.
  • It is believed that makes the mind alert and the body significantly stronger.
  • It has been proven that it aids in digestion, and it remarkably strengthens the immune system.
  • Insects do not like it so you are guaranteed it will stay fresh.
  • Well known for its salty taste for salt cravers.
  • The Herb, An excellent seasoning for salad or well cooked meals.
  • An excellent appetizer.
  • A great anti-oxidant, for coughs and helps clear out the lungs, as It has been used for the flu/cold.
  • No preservatives added to it when prepared or stored & no MSG*.
  • It also contains iron, manganese, calcium and fibre. Thymol is also contained in thyme which is rich in monounsaturated fat (the good fat).
  • Its crushed leaves have been used to treat tooth decay & gum infection.
  • Some studies have shown it may fight certain cancers and it may a�?make one smartera�?. a�?some defy that studya�?


*MSG (or Monosodium Glutamate) is a salt of the amino acid – Glutamic Acid (glutamate).

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