A Note From Eman

Eman--May be our slogan of “Your Family Deserves It…” sums it all up! I created the Thyme & More brand just because of that and with that spirit.  My Family and your family deserve wholesome, natural and tasty foods that are made from earth’s natural and wholesome ingredients.

The idea of the “Thyme & More girl” is to create and manage a global brand that promotes healthy, tasty, and ready to eat foods from the Levant.

Thyme & More to me is more about passion and excitement of achievement than it is about making products and growing a business.  It is way too personal to be just a business. I always got a thrill when people praised the things I cook or prepare and I love cooking and preparing all kinds of things for my family such as Zaatar (thyme), preserved white cheese, Magdoos (pickled eggplants that are stuffed with walnuts and other yummy stuff and preserved in olive oil), pickles, green olives, black olives in olive oil and lemon, granola bars, and many other things (not to mention my obsession with making desserts!).

For you, my extended family, I decided to start with Zaatar. I started eating Zaatar may be when I was three or so and started making Zaatar in or around 2004! The idea of the Thyme & More brand come along in 2012. And today, May 4th 2014 our first location was opened for you.

I hope you enjoy your Thyme & More experience and please feel free to drop me a line to eman@thymeandmore.com with any comments or feedback.

Yours truly,

Eman, Founder